What is Rattebaaz and what do we do?

Rattebaaz is a new blog, probably the first of its kind, which is aimed at students to help them learn stuff by rote – stuff that is otherwise difficult to memorize. A word of caution: Learning things by rote isn’t going to help in the long run. But we have some explanation for the techniques we use here at Rattebaaz.

  • There’s no arguing over the fact that the Indian education system is a huge mess and promotes rote learning. Students are required to learn things which they don’t need to, as most of them are meant to be referenced from reference sources in real world situations. Still, to score marks (in schools) or to pass (in colleges), one needs to memorize a lot of stuff by rote. This is where Rattebaaz steps in.
  • Rattebaaz uses techniques used by Memory Champions to memorize things. I had been thinking of something like Rattebaaz since I watched this video about two years back:Update: Original video removed from youtube for some reason. Here’s another one from the same guy.

    The fact that I remembered the list Nelson shared in the video above even after two months made me sure that this technique actually works. Then, about two years later (and a week ago), this video happened:

    After showing this video to my friends, all of them were able to reproduce the exact pin diagram of the 8085 microprocessor in our sessional exam, even though it had 40 terms we didn’t have the slightest clue about.
    I thought about how great it would be to be able to learn all nonsense things – that we are forcibly made to learn and need not know much about – in the same way. Rotifier is an initiative with the same goal.

  • Beware, we shall be using nonsense stories and fictions in our crusade to learning nonsense stuff.
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