Learn Pin Diagram of Intel 8085 microprocessor in 2 minutes – 8085 and the 40 pins

The 40 pins present in the pin diagram of Intel 8085 microprocessor can make engineering students crazy, especially when the first time you look at them is a day before the exam. Learning the real concepts behind these pins’ existence or positioning is too time consuming at that time.

As they say, a picture is better than a thousand words, comparing words to a video would be even sillier. So, we decided to upload a video on YouTube to share the story we found out while we were doing a “Sting operation” on the private lives of these 40 pins. Here is the YouTube link for the video below.

A word of caution: the story we shared in our debut stint on YouTube won’t help you out with remembering the directions in the pin diagram, so you will have manage with that. I was awarded 5 marks out of 10 for skipping the directions, but still, five is better than zero. You can refer the pin diagram above for directions. If you have any idea about memorizing the directions without getting dirty with the concepts, let us know in the comments.

Also, if you liked the video or if you think it helped you remember the pin diagram, sharing the video with your friends will keep us motivated to create more such stuff in the future.

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